TOJ Class Party

On December 11, after the last presentation in TOJ class finally we have set the party. The party itself, in my opinion, was not kind of big party, it just like small party to strengthen the connection between the class participants. Moreover the party make a warm connection among the students especially this class which consist of various students from many countries.

In this party each student were expected to bring some food or snack and also drink to share with each other. Although there were no obligation to bring specific foods which belong to the typical or traditional foods of student countries, but many students brought it. It was very nice, because I can tasted some typical foods or snack, as an example the chocolate from Finland, candy from Germany and others food from various countries include my country Indonesia.

We were made one of our traditional food of Indonesia called “Martabak Telur” or in Japanese maybe it could be called “マルタバコ テルル” in this party. This kind of food maybe similar with Pizza from Italy but it is different for the ingredients and cooking processes. The ingredients were dominates by flour and egg (たまご) that mix and blend together with some “special” spices. After mix and blend the ingredients than the next step was to cook it and this was the final step, look simple right? yup, it is very simple because you don’t have to be a professional chef to make it, but you might be to understand how to cook it properly. So, if you want to learn or make “Martabak Telur” by your own self, what you need to do is just contact me, simple right?

*(but after that I need to contact my friend who made this food, because I also can’t make by myself) :p