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Factory Study Tour (7) : Nippon Steel Kimitsu Work

The third factory study tour in this semester was held in Nippon Steel Kimitsu work area. This company has core business in steel manufacturing and its derivatives. Nippon Steel is well known as one of big companies within Japan due their ability to supply steel demands for other parties. The products exist of several types from plates, pipes, tubes and many more.

Same like other FST, at first we heard the presentation and short introduction of Nippon Steel from boards. After that we continue to have factory tour and visit the site process. We saw how huge the area of Nippon Steel that need us to ride bus to move from one site to another site, maybe this is the biggest company site during the FST programs.

The trip in general consists of 2 types of site, the production and process site and the recycling plant. The production and process site contain of step production to produce steel. From this view we have good experience how it is work. In another side, in recycling plant, we saw the garbage process to perform recycle garbage in this company.

Factory Study Tour : Toshiba 京浜事業所

Toshiba is well known as reputable electric manufacturer in Japan and within the world. Products from Toshiba are spread out from the small part with low voltage and low power consumption into products that employ higher voltage and higher power consumption. From notebook, household appliances into electric machinery and generator are some products of Toshiba with high quality warranty.

Fortunately this semester, we have a chance to visit one division of Toshiba Company as the second FST. It is one branch of Toshiba that located in Keihin Product Operation (京浜事業所). This division is focused on the manufacturing of Thermal Nuclear and Hydro Power Generator. As small notes, the similarities between these kinds of generator are laid down on how the machine could process water that could be uses as the main source energy to generate electricity. However, the process and the technical aspect constraint from both types are different.

At the beginning of FST, we saw presentation from Toshiba board explaining Toshiba Company and their activities. After that, we were divided into two groups and start the tour. Each group has guided to travel around the factory to see the production process and factory environment. We visit two areas, and the next tour we also have the same tour yet in different production.

During the tour we saw from step by step production process of generator. It was started from assembling the small part to build another part of generator into build the whole generator. We also saw additional process involve in the process that enable the quality control into the production process. It is obviously important to make sure the generator will have good quality when it complete and ready to sell on the market.

When we finished the tour, we gathered and have discussion session. In this section there were many questions into the board about Toshiba and all aspect related with it. One of the questions was questioning about the efficiency of the machine. As on the tour, the guide says the turbine machine produce from Toshiba has high efficiency that could achieve 99% efficiency. This value is amazing, since one of the biggest problems in the electrical machinery as well as in engineering aspect has laid down on the efficiency of a system or machine. But, for me it still amazing (if you don’t want to say unbelievable) a machine has very high efficiency.

After discussion session, at the end of the FST we have photo session with the boards of Toshiba before leaving and back to school.

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Place to Visit in Tokyo :Yamanote Line - Tokyo Station (1)

After several months living in Tokyo, currently I know some places that categorized as must-seen-or-visit in this city. Despite there are some places I haven't visited yet, but for sure it will be my future destination.

Through the list, regardless I went it by myself or as a bunch of friends, it has attract me for a lot of exceptional things. It could be for the buildings and skyscrapers or maybe for the unique structure into the outstanding "crazy" people spreading on that area. Fabulously, it gave me a good perspective and of course experience through this city as well.

Japan Folk House Museum (日本民家園)

On Wednesday, (水), May 19, me and 5 of my friends (include Laras Ayu P, Rojin Hojian, Milad Siami, Alexandru-Christian Cozub-Poetica, Antti, and Kanan). 

It was rainy but it didn't stop us to visit this museum since we have planned it before.

My opinion for this museum, it gave me brief description about varieties of Japanese house around Japan.
Here are some picture I took in the place :